It was a perfect, sunny afternoon on July 14th and more than 40 donor children and their extended families (140 people in all) gathered at the Seattle Aquarium for the 5th Annual Seattle Sperm Bank Family Picnic. Old friends came together, and new friends were made, as everyone enjoyed a picnic, face-painting, coloring books, and the beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery.

SSB Managing Director, Greg Moga, calls the picnic his “favorite day of the year — like New Year’s Eve, the 4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas all rolled into one,” adding that “these children are wanted, cherished, and well-loved. It is a joy to get to see and meet so many of them all together.”

With their faces painted and bellies full, the children raced around the pier while a giant cow floated by on a tug boat and a massive cruise ship disembarked. All enjoyed viewing the magnificent creatures in the Aquarium, and each child went home with a free book from the gift shop as a keepsake of our fun-filled afternoon. Thanks to all who attended!


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