Exploring Seattle Sperm Bank Donor Profiles

Getting started on your family-building journey starts with a sperm donor. Here, we go into all of the donor details you get from each of our donor profiles.

Basic Donor Profile

You can review tons of information about each donor before making any purchases. This is a great way to narrow down all the available donors to which ones may be a good fit for your family-building goals.

Staff Impression

We get to know our donors personally and let you know what we think about them. This is going to be an objective description of their physical appearance and some take-aways about their personality. We might say someone has broad shoulders or a slender frame. And they are outgoing or shy. We try to be as detailed as possible here, but you are always welcome to reach out to us to ask more about the donor’s physical appearance or personality.

Vials Available

The number of vials available for any donor can quickly fluctuate. We advise you to have at least 3 vials per pregnancy; however, your healthcare team may advise depending on your planned treatments. The only way to secure vials of any donor is to purchase them. All purchases at Seattle Sperm Bank come with free storage, so you can save your vials now and use them later when you are ready.

If your donor is out of vials, you can reach out to us to ask about waitlists and future release dates.

Hair, Eyes, Weight, Height, Blood Type

Although eyes, hair, weight, height, and blood type may not be a deal breaker, it is still great information to have when looking for a donor. You can also use our donor search tool to filter by any of these characteristics. But keep in mind increasing the number of restrictions on the filter will reduce the number of donors in the results.


Donor ethnicity and Jewish ancestry are typically one of the highest priority items for families.

Education and Occupation

The donor’s chosen career path can help give insight into their personality. We have donors who are still college students and others who have completed their education and are working professionals. You cannot search based on education or occupation, but this information is visible on each donor profile page.

Confirmed Pregnancies

Each donor profile lists yes or no for confirmed pregnancies and births. Keep in mind it takes some time before this information becomes available. New donors often do not have this information confirmed. You can trust that we have high standards for all of our donor vials and a guaranteed quality policy.

Genetic Screening Results and CMV Status

Having a donor who is medically compatible is very important. Because of this, genetic carrier screening results and CMV status are always available for free for every donor. Additionally, there is a special feature on the donor search tool that will allow you to search by specific genetic conditions that donors have been tested for and found negative. If you have special circumstances surrounding genetic conditions and a donor’s carrier status or the need for a donor to be further screened, you can reach out to Genetic Counseling Services at Seattle Sperm Bank. Our Genetic Counselors are available to schedule additional testing, and you can request a genetic counseling appointment to discuss compatibility.

Advanced Donor Profiles

Purchasing an All-Access Pass for $50 will give you 3 months of unlimited access to all of the fun extras on each donor. You would have access to all available donors and any newly available donors over the 3-month period. All the materials in the donor profile are available for download with your All-Access Pass. Here is what is included in the upgraded access:

Baby and Childhood Photos

Our donors submit candid baby and childhood photos. These cute, fun photos give you a glimpse into what our donors looked like at a young age.

Extended Profile

An in-depth look into each donor. Each extended profile contains personal and family medical history (includes parents, grandparents, siblings, and any children). We ask about their hobbies, vacations they have had, where they see themselves in the future, and why they choose to be a donor. And all come with a handwritten message to the recipient families.

Audio Interview

Each donor sits down with someone from our team to answer a few questions about themselves and why they joined the program.

Keirsey Test

The Kiersey Assessment is designed to understand a person’s temperament and personality better. The results will indicate which personality traits each donor has and will explain what it can mean, and give examples of famous leaders with the same temperament.

Take Advantage Of Free SSB Expert Support

Free one-on-one Donor Consultations and photo matching are available to help you find your favorite donor. Discuss what is important for your family building goals with someone on our Client Services Team and get support on where to get started and extra help finding your perfect donor.

Or submit a photo for our team to find a donor with matching characteristics. Our team reviews candid adult photos of our donors and confirms if they are a match for physical characteristics that are important to you.

All-Access Pass Plus

Purchasing an All-Access Pass Plus ($99) or upgrading an All-Access Pass will give you the ability to download any available adult photos. Only new donors have had the ability to opt-in for adult photo access, and not every donor has consented to making their adult photos available.

If you are interested in a particular donor’s adult photos, you can check to see if they are available on their profile page before making the upgrade purchase.

Next Steps

Get started on your family-building goals by browsing our available donors. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need any assistance at (206) 558-1484 or cs@seattlespermbank.com.

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