Introducing Our New Family Slot Program Seattle Sperm Bank is proud to be the first sperm bank in the United States to introduce a Family Slot Program. In the U.S., sperm banks have traditionally monitored family limits based on reported pregnancies and births. However, this method relies solely on birth reports directly from intended parents as fertility centers are not required to report treatment outcomes for individual third-party patients. Our new program aims to provide more accurate and transparent tracking of donor usage.

What is a Family Slot?

A family slot represents a unique family that has chosen a specific donor. The purpose of this program is to ensure that no more than 25 families in the U.S. are created using the same donor, thereby maintaining accurate family limits and promoting transparency among families.

Previous Methods of Tracking Family Limits

Before implementing the Family Slot Program, we, like other US sperm banks, have relied solely on parent reporting to track family limits. This traditional method used in the U.S. has its limitations, primarily due to inconsistent and delayed reporting from parents, which can lead to inaccurate tracking of donor usage.

Why Is There a Cost Associated with Using a Family Slot?

The Family Slot Program involves active monitoring and tracking of family limits for each donor. Implementing and managing this new tracking system has required significant upgrades to our internal processes and systems. The associated cost covers these enhancements and the ongoing management of the program. However, this is a one-time fee per donor and includes 1 year of free storage. It is fully refundable if a family chooses to relinquish their slot for any reason. You also get access to that donor’s waiting list if they do not have IUI vials available.

It is important highlight that the purchase of a family slot does not guarantee vial availability, however, access to all available vials is limited to up to 25 families per donor.

How Are Family Limits Tracked Internationally?

Family limits differ depending on the country in which the donor’s sperm is distributed. Some countries already have a family slot system in place, where clinics are responsible for maintaining family limits. Seattle Sperm Bank adheres to all local regulations and requirements, ensuring that we comply with international standards for donor sperm distribution.

Benefits and Limitations

A quick recap of the benefits and limitations of Family Slot


  • · More precise family limit tracking
  • · Increased transparency for families using the same donor’


  • IT and Administrative costs higher

We understand you may have questions about this new program, and we are here to help. Please feel free to reach out to our team for more information. Our goal is to provide intended parents with the best possible experience while ensuring the responsible use of donor sperm.

Read our full FAQ on family slots for more information about our family slot program. You can also contact or call (206)588-1484 for further support.

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