Maya’s Wings Foundation

Maya’s Wings Foundation is dedicated to advancing research that improves IVF outcomes for all. We had the pleasure of speaking with the founders to learn about the impactful work and inspiring mission behind this remarkable organization.

On A Mission To Improve Health Outcomes Of IVF-Related Pregnancies


Tell us more about Maya’s Wings Foundation mission and how it got started.

The Maya’s Wings Foundation started as a way to honor the loss of our daughter, Maya. Through her death, we learned that there is so much about IVF and reproductive health that are still unknown, and we want to make an impact to improve IVF outcomes through support, outcome, advocacy, and research (S.O.A.R). Through S.O.A.R., we believe we can help prevent other families from experiencing the heartbreaking loss that we experienced. You can read more about the Maya’s Wings story here: Genesis

We are on a mission to improve health outcomes of in-vitro fertilization (IVF)-related pregnancies and eliminate preventable pregnancy loss for all.

What kind of research does Maya’s Wings support?

Maya’s Wings is committed to funding IVF research, with current emphasis on abnormal placentation to improve live birth rates and for better long-term health outcomes of IVF-conceived babies.

How can Maya’s Wings help a patient going through IVF?

We believe that better IVF outcomes start with informed care, empowered patients, and a collaborative team. Maya’s Wings help people navigate through their IVF journey free with resources like the IVF Passport and free educational material on

Can you speak more about loss and grief support in your community?

Infertility and loss goes hand-in-hand; infertility in itself is a form of loss that is often not recognized as a loss. Maya’s Wings recognized a need to hold space for both infertility and pregnancy loss, and we partnered with RESOLVE to hold a monthly support group to help people process both infertility and pregnancy loss.

What is next for Maya’s Wings?

With our drive to improve IVF outcomes for ALL, we’ve developed additional guides like the Surrogacy Passport and Fertility Passport to help people navigate through various assisted reproductive technology interventions regardless of how people choose to build their family.

We hope to partner with various stakeholders like fertility clinics, OB/GYN providers, surrogacy organizations etc. to get these resources in the hands of people who need it most for free.

How can someone be involved and support Maya’s Wings?

There are a few main ways to help support our mission:

Fundraising helps us support research that goes a long way to helping better understand and prevent adverse pregnancy outcomes. There are many volunteer opportunities to help advance the reach of Maya’s Wings Foundation please reach out to us to learn more.

You can connect with Maya’s Wings Foundation through their website, email, or social media channels:

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