Natural ways to increase fertility

Trying to conceive can be an overwhelming task, but you are not alone! We are sharing some of our top recommendations from within the industry to help put an action plan together for yourself and improve your chances of pregnancy.

Tracking Your Ovulation

If you’re not already doing this, grabbing an ovulation prediction kit is a great place to start! Understanding your own cycle is a key factor when trying to conceive. The goal is to identify when you’re most fertile, known most commonly as the “fertility window” which is the five days leading up to ovulation. It may take several months to find a method that works for you and identify this perfect window, which is normal! Here is more information on all things ovulation tracking, check it out HERE.

Prioritize A Healthier Diet

The thought of overhauling your diet can seem daunting and we get it! But studies show that even small changes in your overall approach to food intake can increase your chance of pregnancy, whether conceiving naturally or through IVF. Much attention in the fertility community has been focused on elements of The Mediterranean Diet. The main features of this diet include high amounts of legumes (chickpeas, black beans, green peas, etc.) heavy doses of vegetables and fruits, olive oil, moderate to high consumption of fish, and a lower intake of meat.

These anti-inflammatory foods combined with key nutrients such as omega-4 fatty acids, plant-based protein, rich in dietary fiber and vitamins and minerals have been shown to positively impact female fertility. There are tons of great recipes out there, and Women’s Health Magazine recently did a roundup of the Top 12 Mediterranean Diet cookbooks.

Staying Active

There’s no doubt that increasing your daily physical activity is a good thing for your overall health. The key is finding something that you actually enjoy doing regularly. Dr. Ellen Wood from IVFMD recommends exercising 3-5x weekly to improve pregnancy outcomes while avoiding excessive exercise such as Tabata style or HITT workouts which have been shown to lower chances of conception. Trying out activities such as kayaking, barre class, light to moderate weight training or riding your bike are examples of exercise keeping your heart rate lower than 150 bpm, or as Dr. Wood describes, in the “green zone”, ideal for preconception and pregnancy.

Reducing Stress

Finding ways to relax while worrying over trying to get pregnant is certainly easier said than done! But prioritizing your mental health should be non-negotiable during this time. Find your “thing.” Yoga, walking, journaling about your experience….or even, therapy if that’s available to you!  Many people in the trying to conceive (TTC) community are turning to meditation to help provide a sense of calm, peace, and balance benefiting both your overall health and emotional well-being.

Find a Fertility Expert

Having a plan can increase your chances of conceiving quickly and provide peace of mind that you’re moving in the right direction. Seattle Sperm Bank works with Fertility providers all over the US and would be happy to give a recommendation on experts in your area. You can also check out the Find a Clinic page on our website to get started!

When you are ready to get started the experts at SSB are here to help! Contact our Client Services team at (206) 588-1484 or via email.


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