Sure Check

Choosing a sperm donor takes time, effort, and emotional energy. When you do find the right one, you want to be sure the vials of sperm you order match your donor selection. Seattle Sperm Bank’s proprietary SURE-CHECK system ensures this. It guarantees the chain of custody for donor identification from beginning to end, giving you greater peace of mind.

Trying to conceive can be stressful. Knowing you have the right vials eliminates some of the worry so you can focus on getting pregnant and starting or adding to your family.


SURE-CHECK is a five step, double verified donor identity system. SSB developed the system to eliminate the chance of human error by verifying semen specimens at every step. Here’s how it works.

Step one: Each SSB donor is given a fingerprint scan that uniquely identifies them and automatically creates all their donor labels — without the chance of human error or transposing numbers.

Step two: Each time one of our staff checks a donor’s identity on the labels, they also confirm the donor’s name, date of birth, photo ID, and signature.

Step three: During initial identification and check-in, we only print the required number of labels: one for the specimen cup, one for the Daily Donor Questionnaire (DDQ), and one label for the urine cup (if needed).

When a specimen is transferred to a new container and a new label is needed, the barcode found on the DDQ is scanned for verification, and labels are auto-generated and printed. The new labels are then placed on the new containers and verified again by two of our technicians. That means they visually inspect and compare the previous containers to the new ones to guarantee a match.

Each verification is then documented on the DDQ and initialed by the two employees who verified the match. This process is repeated each time a specimen changes containers.

Step four: Our double verification system continues until the specimen is transferred to its final location, whether it’s a home delivery or sent to a clinic. As an added precaution, only one specimen at a time is allowed in the lab during this process.

Step five: Security cameras throughout our lab are monitored to ensure all steps of the SURE-CHECK system are followed.

All of this is done for your safety, security, and peace of mind. If you have questions about SURE-CHECK, please call our clinic at 206-588-1484 to speak directly with a member of our staff.

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