Tips for Finding a Sperm Donor at Seattle Sperm Bank

Beginning the journey of building your family using donor sperm is a momentous step, filled with both anticipation and complexity. We’re ready with a team of experts to guide and support you in finding the ideal donor to match your vision for parenthood.

Find A Sperm Donor At Seattle Sperm Bank

Here are a few tips from our staff to get you started with your search:

Define Your Preferences

Create a thoughtful list outlining your criteria for an ideal donor. Consider essential attributes and any non-negotiable factors, such as specific ethnicities, genetic traits, or health considerations. If you’re aware of any hereditary conditions, prioritizing donors who have tested negative for these traits is crucial. While certain details like hobbies, eye color, or height might fall into the ‘nice-to-have’ category, compiling these preferences on paper provides a blueprint for your search.

Start Searching on the SSB Donor Search Tool

Explore the powerful donor search tool available on the Seattle Sperm Bank website. This tool enables you to filter and refine your donor choices based on ethnicity, height, CMV status, blood type, genetic screening results, and more. However, maintaining a balance between specificity and flexibility is key. Your initial list will serve as a compass, guiding you toward your primary needs while allowing room for adaptability in other aspects.

You can always start your search for free and later decide to purchase an All-Access Pass to further review donors that catch your eye.

Take Advantage of Free Services

Maximize your experience by taking advantage of complimentary services provided by the SSB staff. Engage in personalized 1-on-1 Donor Consultations and utilize the Photo Matching service, allowing you to make informed decisions about potential donors without committing to a purchase.

We are here for you every step of the way, so you do not have to navigate this process alone. We are happy to answer any question, big or small.

Secure Your Vials

The only way to guarantee vials from your chosen donor is to purchase them. You can make purchases through your online account or via phone with a dedicated Client Services team member. Rest assured, every vial purchase includes free storage, simplifying the process for future treatment plans.

Know your options – Safe Storage and Shipping

Purchased vials are safely stored in Seattle until you are ready. Once you are ready to ship, you can choose a delivery date from your online account or give us a call. You can ship 1 vial for your current treatment or more vials at a time if your treatment location has on-site storage options.

You should consider having your vials arrive at least 3 days before your planned treatment to ensure there are no shipping delays. Our shipping tanks will keep your samples frozen for up to 7 days, or you can upgrade to a large 14-day tank. The upgraded tank is perfect for planning an at-home insemination.

Talk to us about long-term Family Planning

Looking ahead? We support your long-term family planning goals by offering discounted sibling storage. Storing additional vials for future use ensures continuity and ease in expanding your family when the time is right.

Additionally, if you are in a partnered relationship and your partner chooses to carry the next pregnancy, we offer free vial transfers between partners. This is important because your healthcare team will want to have the carrying partner’s information on the paperwork.

We’re here for you on your family-building journey, providing guidance, expert assistance, and comprehensive services tailored to your unique family-building aspirations. Discover the possibilities and take confident steps toward creating the family you’ve envisioned.

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