Top five reasons to use a sperm bank

Donor sperm that does not come from an FDA-approved sperm bank can put patients at serious risk for infectious disease. Alternative sources can also waste your money and precious time by providing ineffective samples. Furthermore, neither donors nor potential parent(s) are protected from the legal implications associated with tissue donation and parentage, which can open both parties up to major complications in the future.

Using a licensed sperm bank is a safe and reliable source for donor sperm. Here are the top 5 reasons donor sperm should be purchased from a sperm bank rather than an alternative source.

1. Each sample is thoroughly inspected for effectiveness.

Samples can vary between ejaculates, so a single semen analysis or past pregnancies do not provide evidence that each sample is adequate. Seattle Sperm Bank (SSB) inspects each sample prior to freezing, and also conducts a post-freeze test sample to ensure each vial is sufficient

2. Clearly defined legal parental rights.

Not all states have defined laws for parentage, so when it comes to using a sperm donor, parental rights and responsibilities can become confusing and potentially contentious. This can leave donors with unwanted parental responsibilities, parent(s) with unwanted shared rights, and partners without any parental rights at all. All SSB donors willingly sign away parental rights, and we offer second parent adoption letters to provide full coverage over all parents involved.

3. Screening requirements prevent the spread of infectious disease.

Infectious disease can be transmitted via semen, so it is critical that donors are thoroughly tested before providing any samples for use. Additionally, some diseases can take months to show positive results after exposure. That’s why SSB follows FDA-required rules by holding samples in quarantine to ensure each donor tests negative before samples are used by clients.

4. Timing insemination and logistics is a multi-step process.

Insemination must take place in the window of fertilization near ovulation. This can become cumbersome if you do not have a logistics team working to get your samples safely to you in a timely manner. SSB will send a 14-day shipping tank to your home to ensure you have your samples available if ovulation occurs early, late, or right on time. This offers you a greater chance of getting pregnant in less time.

5. Genetic screening samples prevent and reduce the chance of passing along genetic conditions.

Knowing which genetic conditions a sperm donor may carry can help potential parent(s) make an informed decision about genetic conditions, so SSB stays up to date on the latest genetic screening technology. Moreover, SSB can facilitate additional testing for donors if needed and can help prospective parent(s) get tested as well.

These and other steps protect both the donor and the potential parent(s) from physical and legal damages. If you have any questions about our donor screening and testing process, please contact us at or (206) 588-1484.

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