Top 5!

Our customer service team has ranked these donors as being in the ‘Top 5’ of our donor pool in every category: Looks, brains, emotional intelligence, athletic ability, and motivation for being in the program. If you are having a hard time choosing from the full donor catalog, you can’t go wrong with any of these donors!


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Plato has bright, colorful, hazel eyes and a warm, inviting, smile. He wears his wavy, light brown, hair shoulder-length. He has a tan, sun-kissed complexion with a few subtle freckles. He has a lean and slender build from staying active and living a healthy lifestyle playing soccer, swimming, hiking, and connecting with nature outdoors. Plato is kind-hearted and mindful and possesses a great deal of integrity. He is very driven and focused with a strong work ethic and altruistic nature. Plato is currently studying Clinical Psychology in graduate school while working to serve vulnerable community members in need of assistance. We think Plato is a wonderful guy with a big heart!


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Raj has handsome angular features and a boyish grin. He has a smooth, olive complexion with beautiful, clear skin.  He has a head of amazing, thick, dark hair, and a lean, athletic, slender frame that he keeps in shape by playing numerous sports. Raj is attending university to complete his degree in biochemistry.  Though he is analytically minded, he is quite friendly and easy to talk to. He comes from a long line of doctors and educators. Raj is a well-rounded and cultured individual who divides his time between academic pursuits, athletic activities, travel, and time with friends and loved ones.  With his intelligence and determination, he definitely has a bright future ahead of him.


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Duy is average height with a more then average personality! He has a lean, muscular build that is directly related to his love for competitive dancing, which he regularly participates in. He has straight black hair that is always styled, and friendly brown eyes and an inviting smile full of bright white teeth. He has flawless olive skin with a moderate tan. All these characteristics make Duy a very attractive young man. Duy has a degree in Environmental Design and currently obtaining his Masters Degree in Architecture. He excels at calculus, speaks both Vietnamese and English fluently and loves to draw, paint and design. Duy also loves to sing, dance and cooking is a passion of his. At least once a week, he’s trying a new recipe for his friends and family to try. Duy is a social butterfly; one who is outgoing and friendly to every single person he meets. He has an incredible drive to do the best he can and an eagerness to learn new things. He is creative, driven, enthusiastic and most importantly a compassionate. He puts others needs before himself and pulls happiness from making others around him smile. He is a true asset to our donor program


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Mac is average height, is muscular and very physically fit. He maintains his physique with frequent gym visits that include cardio and weight training. Working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important to Mac. He has a very clean-cut look and keeps his light brown hair short, and his face clean shaven. Mac has bright blue eyes and long eyelashes that really stand out. He has full lips and a smile that shows off his straight white teeth. Mac is an attractive man. Mac is very intelligent and driven, but can be somewhat quiet and reserved. Once you get him talking, Mac is relaxed and witty, making friends easily.  He is currently studying Psychology and plans to pursue a career in that field when he graduates. Mac is a very down to earth, and prefers the quiet rural life to that of the hustle and bustle city. He hopes to someday have a piece of land where he and his wife can raise their many animals. Mac is a perfect combination of intelligence, looks, brawn and personality. He is a great donor to have in our program.


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Anton is a very handsome donor with a square, chiseled face that features enviable, high cheekbones.  He has a broad-shouldered, muscular, physique. With the contrast of black hair, deep brown eyes, and fair skin, his features are quite striking. Anton is adventurous, and is motivated by his career goals and desire to start a family of his own in the future. He is a jet-setting traveler who enjoys an active lifestyle exploring the world in various climates, landscapes, and cultures. He very much wants to have his own family someday and to help others build families of their own.