Top 5!

Our customer service team has ranked these donors as being in the ‘Top 5’ of our donor pool in every category: Looks, brains, emotional intelligence, athletic ability, and motivation for being in the program. If you are having a hard time choosing from the full donor catalog, you can’t go wrong with any of these donors!


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We could easily write an entire page on why Alexander is an amazing donor, but we will try to keep it short. Alexander is incredibly polite, respectful and mature for his age. He is not only smart and kind, but one of the most genuine donors we have. He is athletic, playing a number of sports in high school and continuing that through club sports in college. At the same time, he embraces his inner nerd with his love for Harry Potter and Star Wars. He also enjoys music, playing a variety of instruments and collecting vinyl records. There’s nothing Alexander cannot do!

To top it all off Alexander is a good looking young man. At 5’11” he has a muscular build from regular exercise in the form of weights, cardio and sports. He has thick, strawberry blonde hair that he keeps short. Alexander is usually clean shaven with a smooth, fair complexion with the occasional freckles Arguably Alexander’s best attribute is his smile. When he smiles, it stretches from ear to ear, revealing straight white teeth and making his green eyes twinkle. Alexander is a remarkable young man and an incredible donor whom we truly enjoy having in the program.


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Blake’s athletic frame, charming smile, and beautiful hazel eyes are the first thing you notice about him. Once you start talking with him, you will find a funny, kind, and charismatic man, perfectly suited to his good looks! Blake stands tall at 6’0” with long arms and legs. His medium brown hair is thick and wavy, and looks great against his fair complexion. Blake stays active playing basketball, soccer, and golf. His natural athletic ability as well as his academic prowess make Blake a very well-rounded donor!

Currently studying for his Environmental Engineering degree, Blake is a driven and dedicated student. He always has a smile on his face, and a positive attitude to match. Noting a loving family, Blake’s personality reflects a compassionate, caring person. His passion for helping the environment, as well as helping people start their own families, makes Blake truly special.


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Porter’s bright blue/green eyes light up any room he walks into. Paired well with his sandy blond hair and engaging smile, Porter has a very attractive look. He sports lean, muscular arms and legs, which he keeps fit by running and riding his bike frequently.

Porter’s personality is that of a sweet, caring, intelligent young man. He is friendly, outgoing, and positive. His love of travel, education, and family make him a joy to have conversations with. He usually comes into our office with stories of his recent adventures and it’s clear that he has an extreme amount of enthusiasm for exploring and new experiences. Porter makes for an excellent donor and could be the perfect choice for you!


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Tall, dark, and handsome comes to mind when you think of Sterling. His black hair and brown eyes as well as his strong eyebrows go well with his beautiful clear olive complexion. Sterling has a very charming smile that he wears often that shows off his white, straight teeth. He has a toned chest and arms that he keeps in shape by playing basketball regularly.

Sterling is the life of the party! Every time he is in our office he has a new story he is happy to share with us. Other than his extremely friendly personality, Sterling is passionate and driven. He knows what he wants his path in life to be and will do what is necessary to achieve those goals. He has a great aptitude for math and computer science which he uses daily as a full-time student. Sterling has an infectious laugh and unique tone of voice. These qualities make Sterling a great donor who we are happy to have in our program!


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Franklin has a rounded face with a handsome square chin. He has big, dark brown eyes, and a wide, engaging smile with full lips and straight white teeth. He has a medium build with a strong core and a solid frame.

Franklin has an amazing energy and a great attitude that are truly infectious! He has a charming, laid-back demeanor, and loves to chat and ask questions. He is funny, kind, and sincere. Franklin is a CPA, so he is obviously great with numbers. He also has a strong background in both music and sports, so it’s easy to say he is well-rounded and multi-talented, with a desire to try to new things and explore new ideas. We love having Franklin in our donor program, and we strongly recommend him as a donor!