Top 5!

Our customer service team has ranked these donors as being in the ‘Top 5’ of our donor pool in every category: Looks, brains, emotional intelligence, athletic ability, and motivation for being in the program. If you are having a hard time choosing from the full donor catalog, you can’t go wrong with any of these donors!

Ridley has the best features a young, bright, and attractive guy could offer- He is tall, athletic, has a strong build, and stays in great shape. He has thick, dark brown hair, soulful brown eyes, a fair to medium skin tone, square jawline, and a fun, quirky smile. He is charismatic and very funny, while also having a mind for analytical thought and a natural ability for math and physics.Ridley was raised by a family that put a lot of emphasis on the arts and education; as such, he is a long-time classical piano player, very scholarly, and has a clear plan in motion for his future in software engineering. He loves being social, woodworking, and enjoying the outdoors. If you are looking for someone who is outgoing, honest, and bright, Ridley would be a great choice for you!

With a fair complexion, soulful blue/green eyes, and light blond hair Nolen is extremely attractive. He is tall and has long limbs on his lean, muscular frame. Nolen has a very charming smile and is very engaging when you speak to him. He is soft-spoken but is very sociable and witty and makes fast friends.

Nolen has a well-rounded personality. With a Masters in Environmental Science and natural artistic ability as well as athletic skill.  Spending his free time outdoors hiking, skiing, and trail running; Nolen is in great shape. In his free time, he loves to read, cook, and be with friends and family. If you are looking for a kind-hearted, smart, attractive donor Nolen may be a good fit for you!

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Gavin. He is genuine, polite, caring, athletic and good looking! Gavin always comes in with a smile, exuding optimism and looking for a way to improve our day. He loves to give back to his community and the people in his life. Gavin is currently working on a degree in education so he can become a teacher. He also coaches basketball, a sport he loves and has played since he was a child.Standing at 6’2″ Gavin looks like a basketball player. His height plus his long, well-defined muscles give Gavin the look of a natural athlete. Gavin has large brown eyes and full lips that accentuate his amazingly infectious smile.  He keeps his hair short and is usually clean shaven. He has a very casual style which reflects his easy going personality. Gavin is a truly amazing donor and we are lucky to have him in the program.

Jack has a very athletic build, with a broad chest, strong shoulders, and muscular, toned arms. His light brown hair pairs beautifully with his bright blue eyes and smooth, tanned skin tone. Jack keeps fit on the job as a Firefighter, as well as maintaining a highly active lifestyle. He loves fishing, hunting, and hitting the slopes. Jack’s charming smile, kind eyes, and bright smile elevate his overall great looks!
Jacks strong, athletic look is balanced well with his enthusiastic, engaging personality. Not only does Jack have a sporty background, but he also excels greatly in math and science. He also is great at drawing, and plays guitar. He is a huge family man, and credits his loving nature to a positive upbringing. Jack is an all-around great guy, and we are excited to have him in the program!

Ethan is a good-looking young man. He has long, thick wavy brown hair that create a stunning contrast with his bright blue eyes. Ethan usually has a beard, but will occasionally come in clean shaven and looks handsome either way. He is 5’10” with a medium build and well defined muscles. Ethan is extremely healthy and active, maintaining a vegan diet and engaging in high intensity workouts on an almost daily basis.Ethan has an amazing personality! He is genuine, passionate and enthusiastic about life and all it has to offer. At the same time, Ethan is incredibly laid back and go-with-the-flow. He believes that everything happens for a reason and makes the most of every experience he has. Ethan loves to travel, meet new people and discover new cultures. He is excited to be part of the program and is looking forward to helping families and possibly meeting future offspring. We truly cannot say enough good things about Ethan.