As fertility industry grows, so does the focus on donor quality

The number of women postponing pregnancy until later in life is growing. As a result, many are finding it difficult to conceive. Fortunately, there are more options for help than ever. And as more families, couples, and single women learn about the high success rate of using sperm donors to conceive, the word is spreading. Lesbian couples in particular are using sperm banks in increasing numbers.

The media are also taking note of this growing industry. A September 2017 article in The Economist features information about Seattle Sperm Bank (SSB) and a quote from chief financial officer Fredrik Andreasson about the importance of screening sperm donors: “We provide the highest quality donors for the safest possible babies and happiest families.” SSB maintains the safety of our sperm samples, and health of our clients, by accepting only about 1% of potential donors and by testing for more genetic diseases than any other sperm bank. This attention to donor quality is critical.

SSB Partners with the Leading Fertility Clinics in the U.S.

The focus on safety is also why many of the most reputable fertility clinics in the world refer their clients to SSB. This includes Seattle Reproductive Medicine, Pacific Northwest Fertility, Boston IVF, Oregon Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh (aka the “Egg Whisperer”), and Shady Grove Fertility, the largest fertility organization in the U.S.

Our close relationships with these fertility clinics means more families of all kinds can realize their dreams of having a child. Dr. Rita Sneeringer of Boston IVF even shared some valuable fertility tips for same-sex couples that we’ve posted on the SSB blog.

Clinical expertise matters when it comes to safe and successful conception using donor sperm. From screening donors to shipping vials of sperm to at-home insemination, SSB adheres to the strictest standards of safety and quality at every step. The range of fertility options now available is a positive development for women and families everywhere. Just make sure you ask the right questions and get the best possible information when choosing the right sperm bank for your needs. The answers are out there.

For help deciding, please get in touch to speak directly with one of our knowledgeable client services coordinators at 206-588-1484 or

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