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European Sperm Bank USA is now Seattle Sperm Bank

Seattle Sperm Bank Discontinues ESB-USA Trade Name SEATTLE, Oct. 20, 2015. Seattle Sperm Bank (SSB) has announced that it will discontinue use of its ‘European Sperm Bank USA’ trade name, effective immediately. Fredrik Andreasson, CFO, states that “We have always been Seattle Sperm Bank but used the European Sperm Bank USA trade name in conjunction… Read more »

Sperm bank seeks red-haired donors in Seattle

September 29, 2011 The Seattle Sperm Bank (Seattle Sperm Bank), with a lab located in Seattle, Washington, and its partner cryobank, the European Sperm Bank (ESB), with labs located in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark, is actively seeking red-haired sperm donors. Gary Olsem, Managing Director of Seattle Sperm Bank, said that “We cannot keep up with… Read more »

David Weston, PhD joins ESB-USA as Tissue Bank Supervisor

European Sperm Bank-USA is pleased to announce our recent hire of David Weston, Ph.D. as our new Tissue Bank Supervisor. David started his career at Texas A&M University studying the immunology and molecular biology of host-parasite interactions and infectious disease research. He worked from 2000 to 2010 at a start-up biotechnology company focusing on novel… Read more »

Sperm bike comes to Seattle

October 21, 2011 Seattle has become the second city to showcase a ‘sperm bike’ making sperm deliveries from a sperm bank to fertility clinics. The European Sperm Bank, one of the largest in Europe and located in Copenhagen, Denmark- perhaps the world’s most bike-friendly city- made news reports globally after it began deliveries in a… Read more »

Demystifying IUI, ICI, IVI and IVF

Methods of Insemination IUI (Intrauterine): The most common form of artificial insemination. Your doctor (or licensed health care provider) will insert thawed sperm directly into the uterus using a speculum and catheter.  Inseminations may be timed based on a woman’s natural cycle, or in conjunction with medications intended to induce ovulation. ICI (Intracervical): Most commonly… Read more »

What you need to know about Open Identity Donors

Open Identity Donors A new trend is gaining popularity throughout the U.S. and abroad when it comes to choosing a sperm donor for artificial insemination. Whereas most sperm donation used to be completely anonymous, many sperm banks now require some or all of their sperm donors to consent to the release of their identity to… Read more »

Sperm Banks, At a Glance

Sperm banks offer a unique level of reproductive freedom to single women and couples, by providing a tremendous amount of choice when it comes to decisions about having children. This brief article addresses some important facts about sperm banks and the role they play in modern reproductive technology. Sperm banking is a not a new… Read more »

Donor Sperm Quality

Donor Sperm Quality: The little cells that make a big difference Charles Muller, PhD HCLD is Laboratory Director of Male Fertility Lab at the University of Washington and a key member of the Advisory Board for Seattle Sperm Bank. His research is in fertilization, male reproduction, and prostatitis. Customers focus on the attributes of the… Read more »