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SURE-CHECK System Ensures Safe Handling and Delivery

Sure Check Donor Security

Choosing the right sperm donor to conceive is a major decision. It takes time, effort, and even some soul searching to find the best sperm donor for your needs. So when you finally do make a choice, you want to ensure the specimens you order match your selection. That’s where Seattle Sperm Bank’s proprietary SURE-CHECK… Read more »

30 Questions You Should Ask Your Sperm Bank


Using a sperm bank is a positive and effective method for conceiving a child. But there are many things to consider first. Below are 30 of the most common and important questions we are regularly asked. If you have any questions that are not addressed in this list, please contact Seattle Sperm Bank (SSB) directly… Read more »

Financing Options When Working With A Sperm Bank

Using a sperm donor to conceive is an effective option for many women and couples. But while the method is viable, it’s not always predictable. It’s simply impossible to know how many procedures it will take for pregnancy to occur, so some uncertainty is a natural part of the process – and that includes the… Read more »

What Is CMV And How Can It Affect My Pregnancy?

Cytomegalovirus, or CMV, is a member of the herpes virus family that includes cold sores, chicken pox, and infectious mononucleosis. It’s a common virus that affects 50 to 85% percent of American adults. There is currently no vaccine for CMV. Most people who carry the virus never experience any symptoms, and may not even know… Read more »

The Emotional Side Of Using A Sperm Donor To Conceive

Using a sperm donor to have a child is an effective and affordable option for many women and couples. But it’s important to recognize that this process may bring up complex emotional issues for you and your partner. These issues can range from disappointment over not being able to conceive on your own to concerns… Read more »

How to choose the right sperm donor

Using a sperm donor to conceive a child is an excellent choice for many people including same-sex couples, single women, and couples where the male has low sperm count, poor sperm mobility, or related infertility issues. But choosing this method of conception is only the first step. Another big decision is choosing the right donor…. Read more »

The Benefits of At-Home Insemination

So you’ve decided to start a family. Wonderful! Next comes the decision about the best method of conception for you. Fortunately, there are several good insemination options for infertile or sub-fertile couples, lesbian couples, and single women to consider. This article focuses on the advantages and benefits of home insemination, along with the preferred process… Read more »

The Importance of Good Nutrition for Pregnancy

Good, healthy, solid nutrition is especially important while planning to get pregnant for both partners, especially when you’re having trouble getting pregnant. A healthy diet and consistent, effective exercise has shown to improve fertility in both women and men. When embarking on pregnancy, a woman with a well-nourished body that is stocked with necessary nutrients… Read more »