Smith (12280) – Open ID Donor – New Donor! Baby Photo 3


Each month, Seattle Sperm Bank selects an outstanding donor from our catalog to be our Featured Donor. Along with highlighting his physical attributes and character traits, we also offer a special 2 vials for the price of 1 deal for Featured Donors.

We choose featured donors based on two factors. The first, which is objective, is whether the donor has enough vials available to qualify for our 2 for 1 offer. The second factor is subjective — we select a donor we think is better than average and worthy of bringing to the attention of our clients. It’s just one of the benefits SSB provides. We’re small enough to get to know all our donors while also providing you with individual care and attention so you can find a donor that’s right for you.

Our current Featured Donor is Smith, whose specimens came out of quarantine and became available in September. Along with having enough supply to qualify for our special offer, Smith is an exceptional donor! Smith is an analytical thinker, smart, hard-working, and athletic. He is incredibly loyal to his family and close friends, and loves adventuring outdoors. Smith is also quite handsome, with thick wavy blonde hair and stunningly bright blue eyes. We think he deserves more attention from our clients, and we encourage you to view his profile. But don’t delay! Our Featured Donors usually sell out fast, so if Smith is the donor of your choice, we recommend you make your decision soon.

If you have questions about a Featured Donor, or any other part of the process, please contact one of our Client Services coordinators at 206-588-1484 or

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