Preserving Sperm Vial Quality & Integrity
Here at Seattle Sperm Bank, vial quality is one of our top priorities and a constant endeavor. We truly stand behind our products with pride and confidence.

An impressive selection of donors, one-on-one customer service, and the most extensive genetic testing  in the market, are all parts of what has made our donor vials so desirable to patients and clinicians.

But the greatest service we offer to patients looking for donor sperm is the high quality of the vials themselves. Our unmatched commitment to quality is demonstrated in our procedures, our equipment, our team, and our company ethics.  We spare nothing and cut no corners to ensure that our clients receive the absolute best quality.

It’s understandable that clinic staff universally want their patients using donor sperm to use top-quality vials. Their goal, as well as ours, is to create happy, healthy babies, and vial quality undoubtedly is a major contributor to a clinic’s overall success rate; resulting in a measurable increase in the recipient’s pregnancy success rate.

“Seattle sperm bank has led the way when it comes to customer service and vial quality from the very beginning.
– World-renowned fertility specialist and IVF doctor, Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh

Maintaining vial quality and sperm count integrity

As such, SSB is aware that several of the country’s largest fertility clinics have discouraged their patients from using certain sperm banks, after repeated instances of receiving vials of poor quality with sperm counts well below the guaranteed minimum acceptable range. One of our clinic partners recently ‘blacklisted’ a major US sperm bank and all its affiliates.

We receive vial quality complaints on less than 0.1% of distributed specimens. Any complaint received is handled promptly, and researched as fully as possible. SSB guarantees that if a clinic’s count of one of our vials falls below the acceptable range, we will replace that vial hassle-free, and at no charge to the client.


Our Lab Manager, Claire Millbauer, speaks to SSB’s dedication to vial quality, training, and equipment maintenance:

“Counting sperm is a delicate and somewhat challenging process due to the nature and characteristics of motile cells. It can take several months for technicians to be certified in proper counting technique, and frequent proficiency testing is employed to ensure accuracy and precision in reported counts.”

“Our fully trained Biological Analysts perform a post-thaw count on one vial from every lot to confirm that the number of motile sperm in our vials meets our minimum quality standard of 10 million motile sperm per IUI vial and 15 million motile sperm per ICI vial.  If a vial does not meet these requirements, it will either be categorized as an ART vial or be discarded”

We take every opportunity possible to connect with the lab staff, doctors, and coordinators of the clinics we send our donor sperm to ask, simply, how our vials look, how our process works for them, and what their patients say about our service.

We take pride in the fact that their response is overwhelmingly positive.

“I will admit that over the last couple of years, Seattle Sperm Bank has become the sperm bank most often used by clients who store samples here from other banks, beating out other sperm banks by far now,” said Brian Sereda from OHSU Fertility Consultants.

“Between the catalogs in our waiting room and what I routinely give to clients in consultations, and my strong positive recommendations to clients about Seattle Sperm Bank, that trend should continue onward.  We really appreciate the quality of your program and how your bank presents itself, and I can tell clients are quite happy using Seattle Sperm Bank.”

World-renowned fertility specialist and IVF doctor, Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, has been a longtime fan of SSB’s commitment to quality: “Seattle sperm bank has led the way when it comes to customer service and vial quality from the very beginning. Hopefully other sperm banks will pay attention and follow their lead. Thank you, Seattle Sperm Bank, for doing the right thing and for helping families grow one healthy baby at a time!”

Our promise to clinics and patients is to maintain our high standards indefinitely. We want to be the nation’s premier sperm bank, and we are confident that our scientific aptitude and our uncompromising ethics will help get us there.

If you are a clinic and have any questions about our procedures, please email our Clinic Relations Manager, Courtney Maddox, at

For customer requests, please email, or call us at 206-588-1484.



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