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The recent news that Chinese scientist He Jiankui has claimed to have created the world’s first genetically edited babies has raised international alarm. Using a gene editing technique called Crispr, the scientist altered the genes of embryos in twin girls before implanting them in the mother, who gave birth in November 2018. Specifically, he altered the genes to be resistant to infection with HIV. So far, no evidence has been offered that the experiment was successful, but it has revived the debate around so-called “designer babies.”

While Seattle Sperm Bank does not condone the concept of “designer DNA,” we do offer many valuable — and widely accepted and approved — genetic testing benefits to our clients. In fact, SSB provides the most comprehensive genetic testing of any sperm bank in the world by screening all donors for more than 100 genetic conditions. And we maintain our high standards by continually assessing our donor screening process. For example, in January 2018, we further improved our process by offering Counsyl’s Foresight Panel, which tests 175 conditions.

How to Search Our Donors by Genetic Test

To better serve our clients, SSB offers a way to easily search our donor database by genetic test. This tool lets you see all the donors who have tested negative for any singular, or combination of, different genetic diseases. Here’s how it works. If you are a known carrier for Pendred Syndrome, for example, you can select that condition from the list using the “Find Match” button at the top of the donor search tool. The resulting matches would then only show donors who were tested and found to be negative for Pendred Syndrome. Plus, this tool can be used with our other donor search criteria to help you find the best matches for you.

Genetic testing is just part of our comprehensive donor screening process. We also conduct full physical exams, blood and semen tests, a review of donors’ family medical history, a criminal background check, and much more. We can even provide a copy of your chosen donor’s test results to your physician for review — all for your protection and peace of mind.

As donor testing technology improves, so will our testing methods. If you have any questions about genetic testing, please contact us at or 206-588-1484. We’re here to help.

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