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Reglera’s 7th Reproductive Compliance Conference | September 19th-20th

I just finished attending Reglera’s 7th Reproductive Compliance Conference in Arlington, VA. Two days of going over FDA regulations, current regulatory trends and case studies; and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Day 1: Living Documents Day 1 began with a welcome and introduction from Reglera president, Clay Anselmo. New to this year’s conference… Read more »

Donor Sperm Quality: The little cells that make a big difference

  Written by Charles Muller, PhD HCLD Charles Muller, PhD HCLD is Laboratory Director of Male Fertility Lab at the University of Washington and a key member of the Advisory Board for Seattle Sperm Bank. His research is in fertilization, male reproduction, and prostatitis.   Customers focus on the attributes of the donor they select, but the… Read more »

Reproductive Options for Same Sex Couples – Part 2: Expectations vs. Reality

Written by B. Mulcaster While the first part of this series (Reproductive Options for Same Sex Couples – Part 1: Overview) was meant to provide an overview of the topic and some brief descriptions of each assisted reproductive option a same-sex couple can utilize, the second part will deal with the expectations of prospective same-sex… Read more »

Reproductive Options for Same Sex Couples

Written by B. Mulcaster Recent *census polls and resultant data indicate that there are approximately 605,472 same-sex couples in the US (Note – this number only represents the number of same-sex couples against the total number of census participants, it is not an accurate reflection of the number of same-sex couples in the entire country,… Read more »