Sperm donors - genetic testing

At Seattle Sperm Bank, we’re always looking to improve our methods for selecting healthy sperm donors. This benefits our clients looking to conceive using donor sperm as well as the donors themselves.

One major way we do this is by continually updating our approach to genetic testing as technology improves. And we’re proud to offer the most comprehensive genetic testing of donors of any licensed sperm bank in the U.S.

Our current testing covers up to 100 genetic conditions. Along with using these test results to protect our clients, this valuable medical information is also shared with donors. It’s just one of the many benefits of becoming a sperm donor with us. This information can positively impact donors by alerting them to genetic conditions they may be unaware of otherwise.

For your protection and peace of mind, we provide a copy of your chosen donor’s test reports to your physician and/or genetic counselor. You can also see a complete list of our donors who have had extended genetic testing performed.

Genetic Tests and Family Medical History

Seattle Sperm Bank’s screening process includes a review of donors’ extensive family medical history by a trained genetic specialist and a medical doctor. We also currently test all donors for carrier status of the following conditions*:

Bloom syndrome
Canavan disease
cystic fibrosis
familial dysautonomia
Fanconi anemia type C
Gaucher disease
glycogen storage disease type Ia
Hb beta chain-related hemoglobinopathy (including beta thalassemia and sickle cell disease)
hexosaminidase A deficiency (including Tay-Sachs disease)
Joubert syndrome 2
lipoamide dehydrogenase deficiency
maple syrup urine disease type 1B
mucolipidosis IV
NEB-related nemaline myopathy
Niemann-Pick disease, SMPD1-associated
spinal muscular atrophy
Usher syndrome type 1F
Usher syndrome type 3
Zika virus

*Please note that donors who joined Seattle Sperm Bank’s program prior to September 2015 may not have been tested for all the conditions listed above. Please check with our clinic if you have any questions about tests conducted on any individual donor.

Advanced Genetic Matching Also Available

We work with genetic information company Counsyl to offer you even greater personalized donor matching. It works by combining your DNA information with that of a donor to identify your child’s risk—if any—of inheriting a genetic disease. This also helps identify genetic risks that may not be found through other screening methods.

Genetic testing is just one important way we select only the healthiest sperm donors. And rest assured we’ll continue to improve our process as technology allows. If you have any questions about genetic testing, please contact us at 206-588-1484.

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