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Using a Fertility App to Get Pregnant

Using a fertility app to get pregnant

When you’re trying to get pregnant using donor sperm, timing is everything. You need to time the shipping and arrival of your sperm samples. You need to time your insemination attempt. And most of all, you need to know the time frame when you’re most likely to conceive—meaning your all-important fertility window. It’s a lot… Read more »

Inside Seattle Sperm Bank: Talking with Client Services Coordinator Kandy Lindstrom

Kandy - Seattle Sperm Bank

  As a Client Services Coordinator at Seattle Sperm Bank, Kandy Lindstrom keeps busy. She handles multiple duties ranging from interacting with donors and potential donors to fulfilling Internet orders. But she spends the bulk of her time talking with clients and helping them start families. This includes helping with photo matching, answering questions about… Read more »

How to Inseminate at Home Using Donor Sperm

How to Inseminate at Home Using Donor Sperm

  For many women and couples, their first step toward parenthood with donor sperm is performing a home insemination. Some people find this to be a more comfortable and affordable method of conception compared to starting off in a clinical environment. This procedure, also known as intracervical insemination or “ICI,” can be an effective option… Read more »

How to Purchase Your Vials of Donor Sperm

How to Purchase Your Vials of Donor Sperm

  At Seattle Sperm Bank, we work hard to make acquiring your donor sperm as convenient and stress-free as possible. Below, we walk you through the most important steps for purchasing, ordering, and storing the vials of donor sperm you’ll need for your upcoming procedure. Before you order, of course, you must first choose your… Read more »

How Fertility Awareness Methods Can Help you Get Pregnant

How Different Fertility Methods Help You Get Pregnant

Understanding your ovulation cycle is essential when you’re trying to get pregnant. Unless you have a known fertility issue, practicing good fertility awareness can dramatically increase your chance of conceiving. Plus, it’s inexpensive (if not free) and has no negative side effects. It’s one of the safest and most effective ways of improving your fertility…. Read more »

Soft Drinks May Decrease Fertility in Women, Study Shows

Soft drinks can reduce fertility in women

According to an October 17, 2016, presentation at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine congress, there may be a correlation between soft drinks and decreased female fertility. The research was done by nutritionists at the Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, who interviewed 524 women currently undergoing IVF treatment about the foods and drinks they… Read more »

How Working with a Midwife Can Help You Conceive Using Donor Sperm

How working with a midwife can help you conceive using donor sperm

Using donor insemination to conceive a child is a proven and successful method, but it can involve some stress. Perhaps you’re uncomfortable with the thought of trying to conceive at home by yourself or with just your partner. Or perhaps you’ve tried without success and want to be proactive about exploring other options. Or maybe… Read more »

How Stress Can Affect Fertility – And What You Can Do About It

How Stress Can Affect Fertility

  Many factors can affect your fertility including genetics, your age, your weight, various lifestyle choices, and others. But there’s another, often hidden factor you may not have considered: stress. Stress is unique because it’s so hard to control and it affects everyone differently. Yet avoiding stress is virtually impossible for anyone, particularly women actively… Read more »