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New Discovery May Help Explain Male Infertility

New Discovery May Help Explain Male Infertility

According to a study published in the scientific journal Nature Communications, researchers have made a discovery that changes what we know about how a women’s egg is fertilized. It may also help explain why some men have infertility issues. Scientists have long known that a fertilized egg cell (called a zygote) needed two centrioles from… Read more »

Seattle Sperm Bank’s Genetic Testing Methods

Seattle Sperm Bank Donor Search Tool

The recent news that Chinese scientist He Jiankui has claimed to have created the world’s first genetically edited babies has raised international alarm. Using a gene editing technique called Crispr, the scientist altered the genes of embryos in twin girls before implanting them in the mother, who gave birth in November 2018. Specifically, he altered… Read more »

Meet Tormund, Our Featured Donor of the Month

Seattle Sperm Bank Featured Donor

Each month, Seattle Sperm Bank selects an outstanding man from our catalog to be our Featured Donor. Along with highlighting his physical attributes and character traits, we also offer a special 2 vials for the price of 1 deal for Featured Donors. We choose featured donors based on two factors. The first, which is objective,… Read more »

How Seattle Sperm Bank Protects Donor Anonymity

How Seattle Sperm Bank Protects Donor Anonymity

Protecting the privacy and anonymity of our sperm donors is extremely important to Seattle Sperm Bank. This includes men who are open identity (or open ID) donors, which is the option SSB strongly encourages, and which most of our donors currently are. Open ID donors agree to have at least one form of contact with… Read more »

How Your Choice of Underwear Affects Sperm Production

How Your Choice of Underwear Affects Sperm Production

  One of the best ways to improve your sperm production is also one of the simplest: keep your testicles cool. And the type of underwear you choose plays a major role in this. Thirty years’ worth of studies has shown that chronically elevated scrotal temperatures can negatively affect sperm production. Now, a recent study… Read more »

Happy Birthday to the World’s First IVF Baby, Louise Brown

Louise Brown, first child conceived using IVF.

July 25th marked the 40th birthday of the first “test tube baby,” Louise Brown. In late 1977, Brown was conceived outside the womb using in vitro fertilization (IVF) when scientist Dr. Robert Edwards and gynecologist Dr. Patrick Steptoe united sperm and egg in a petri dish before implanting it in Louise’s mother, Lesley Brown. At… Read more »

Donor Children and Families Enjoy Seattle Sperm Bank’s 5th Annual Family Picnic

2018 Seattle Sperm Bank annual family picnic

It was a perfect, sunny afternoon on July 14th and more than 40 donor children and their extended families (140 people in all) gathered at the Seattle Aquarium for the 5th Annual Seattle Sperm Bank Family Picnic. Old friends came together, and new friends were made, as everyone enjoyed a picnic, face-painting, coloring books, and the… Read more »

Seattle Sperm Bank Meets with Global Experts in Spain

Leaders from Seattle Sperm Bank are currently in Barcelona, Spain attending the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. At our exhibitor’s booth we are talking with and educating physicians, clinicians, and medical administrators about the benefits of working with SSB to help their patients using donor sperm to conceive. We’re… Read more »

Is At-Home Insemination Right for Your Family?

Is At-Home Insemination Right for Your Family?

    For women free of fertility issues, artificial insemination at home can be a reliable and affordable way to start a family. This method offers convenience and comfort since it can be done in your home on your schedule. As with all fertility decisions, choosing at home insemination is a highly personal choice that… Read more »