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Getting a Vasectomy? Consider Storing Your Sperm First

Getting a Vasectomy? Consider Storing Your Sperm First

    A vasectomy is the most reliable form of contraception a man can get. It’s also a common procedure with about half a million men going through it every year in the U.S. Because it’s so effective, you want to be certain you, or more importantly your spouse or partner, don’t want to have… Read more »

How Much Does Donor Sperm Cost?

How much does donor sperm cost?

  It can certainly be overwhelming to understand the costs and procedures associated with selecting, ordering, and shipping your donor sperm vials. Understanding the total costs of how much you will be spending with a sperm bank as part of your journey to conceive can bring you peace of mind, and allow to you more… Read more »

Reasons to Use a Cryobank

Reasons to use a Cryobank

There are many reasons to use a cryobank to freeze and store sperm for future personal use. These include: An upcoming military deployment. In 2016, the Pentagon created a pilot program that pays troops to have their sperm or eggs frozen for later use. You’re considering a vasectomy. Storing sperm can serve as a backup… Read more »

How to Choose a Sperm Bank You Can Trust

How to Choose a Sperm Bank You Can Trust

  Using a sperm bank is a safe and effective way to conceive a child. Of course, there are many things to consider when choosing the right sperm bank for your needs. This is a major life decision and we encourage you to get all the information you can. All the major sperm banks and… Read more »

Seattle Sperm Bank Introduces New Genetic Testing Search Tool

Genetic Testing of Sperm Donors

Seattle Sperm Bank offers the most comprehensive genetic testing of any sperm bank in the world. Our screening process includes testing all donors who entered our program as of August 2016 for more than 100 genetic conditions. We maintain our high standards by continually improving our donor screening process. Case in point: our latest feature allows… Read more »

Advanced Genetic Testing Gives You Peace of Mind

Advanced genetic testing gives you peace of mind.

Genetic testing is an essential part of selecting healthy sperm donors. That’s why Seattle Sperm Bank offers the most comprehensive genetic testing of donors of any licensed sperm bank in the U.S. Plus, we are always looking to improve. For all donors who have entered our program since August 2016, our current screening process includes testing… Read more »

SURE-CHECK Guarantees You Get the Right Vials Every Time

Sure Check

Choosing a sperm donor takes time, effort, and emotional energy. When you do find the right one, you want to be sure the vials of sperm you order match your donor selection. Seattle Sperm Bank’s proprietary SURE-CHECK system ensures this. It guarantees the chain of custody for donor identification from beginning to end, giving you… Read more »