Choosing the right sperm donor is an important decision. But it can be overwhelming, especially since we have hundreds of quality donors to choose from. So a good first question to ask is: What is most important to you? Consider both the physical and psychological characteristics you’d like to see in your child including personality, intelligence, sense of humor, and other intangible traits.

Once you consider these things, you can then use one of our many helpful and comprehensive online tools to refine your search.

Using our Online Donor Tool

Overall health is an important factor, of course. But since all our donors are rigorously screened and verified, you can be sure they are all healthy and carefully vetted. So we need to go deeper into detail. And our online donor tool is a great place to start. It allows you to narrow your search by weight, height, ethnicity, skin tone, blood type, and other factors.

You can also search by specific personality traits. Are you looking for someone outgoing and personable? Extremely athletic? How about musically gifted? Or perhaps highly educated or someone within the medical field? We have all of those traits available and more, sometimes within the same donor.

As you look at our various donor profiles you’ll notice a lot of information is included. That’s because each donor writes an essay and completes a detailed questionnaire covering their personality, family history, life experiences, and temperament. You can also see baby photos of donors, listen to audio interviews, and even access their Keirsey personality test results.

Free Photo Matching Service

If you are seeking a particular look, try our free photo matching service. This is where you send us a short list of your favorite donors from our Donor List along with photographs of the person you’d most like your donor to resemble. Our staff then compares the photos you submit to recent adult photos of our donors, many of which are not available to the public. This usually takes 2-3 days. If there is no obvious photo match, we will then suggest other donors who may be a suitable match for you.

Read an article in SELF magazine about a family that used our photo matching service to select their donor.

Ask About our Personalized Matching Service

Still having trouble choosing? Let Seattle Sperm Bank offer personalized service. This helps you narrow down your choices, and also makes our online tools more helpful and easier to use. And since our staff prioritizes getting to know each donor personally, we are able to provide insightful impressions that better help us match you with the right donor.

To get started, simply call our clinic at (206) 588-1484 to set up a one-on-one consultation. This personal touch truly sets us apart from other sperm banks.

Good luck with your search! And be sure to let us know how we can help.

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